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3D Crisp  Adaptive Active Contour Method (3D ACACM) is a Novel and Powerful approach for 3D Lung Segmentation from CT images. The goal of this project is to compare methods for (semi-) automatic segmentation of the lungs from chest computed tomography scans. Following the results obtained by the proposed method and other methods used by experts.

  • DICOM images – Click here for download
  • Ground truth – Click here for download
  • 3D Adaptive Crisp Active Contour Method – Click here for download
  • 3D Region Growing – Click here for download
  • Automatic segmentation via commercial Software  plugin- Click here for download
  • Semi-automatic segmentation via Commercial Software toolbox – Click here for download

3D ACACM is published on Medical Image & Analysis, then if you use these database, you need to cite the available at MIA journal website.


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