Brisk for Mosaic constructor in Robotics

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This study proposed the Binary Robust Invariant Scalable Keypoints (BRISK) method for constructing mosaics applied to mobile robotics. The techniques used for comparison were the Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT), Speed Up Robust Features (SURF). The proposed method shows its superiority in relation to methods traditionally used, such as the SIFT and SURF with mosaic construction time, and using the PSNR, MSE and MSSIM metrics for mosaic quality. The results were satisfactory for territorial analysis using a robot with wheels and also the unmanned aerial vehicle.


The first result step performed was compared the proposed approach against the methods SIFT and SURF steps of the above figure, on which the codes and images are available as follows:

  • Mosaic images – Click here for download
  • BRISK, SIFT and SURF codes – Click here for download

The second stage results presented in the study was the construction of mosaic through autonomous robots, as shown on the following:

mov_uav uav_mos vex_mov vex_mov2

This study is being published on Robotica from Cambridge University journals. After that, these images will be released for use and citation of the article will be available below in order to be properly referenced when using this database.

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