Parabéns aos colaboradores do LAPISCO pelo trabalho intitulado “Deep learning IoT system for online stroke detection in skull computed tomography images” publicado no periódico Computer Network (Elsevier), JCR 2.52. Abstract: Cerebral vascular accidents (CVA) affect about 16 million people worldwide annually. CVA, also know as stroke, is a serious global health problem, and can cause significant physical limitations to those affected. Computed tomography is the most appropriate procedure to diagnose and evaluate the dimensions and magnitude of a stroke. Thus, in this article we present an Internet of Things (IoT) framework for the classification of stroke from CT images applying Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) inRead More →

Parabéns aos colaboradores do LAPISCO pelo trabalho intitulado “Ultrasonic sensor signals and self organized mapping with nearest neighbors for the microstructural characterization of thermally-aged Inconel 625 alloy” publicado no periódico Computer in Industry (Elsevier), JCR 2.85. . Abstract: Non-destructive ultrasonic testing is a widely used technique in industry to evaluate the microstructure in a metal alloy. In this work, we present a novel approach to investigate microstructural deterioration in three different hybrid welds by thermal aging treatments at two different temperatures for four different time periods. Transverse and longitudinal ultrasonic waves with transducers with frequencies of 4 and 5 MHz were used to determine the ultrasonicRead More →

Parabéns aos colaboradores do LAPISCO pelo artigo “Automatic skin lesions segmentation based on a new morphological approach via geodesic active contour” publicado no periódico Cognitive Systems Research, Qualis B1 em Engenharia IV e Ciência da Computação. Acesse o artigo no periódico através link abaixo. DOI:  Read More →